WATCH: Rohit Sharma asking the dressing room to send in MS Dhoni at number 3

Rohit Sharma produced one of the best T20 innings of all time today, hitting the Sri Lankan bowlers into the second tier for fun, and scoring the joint fastest T20 international century of all time.

It was an innings full of effortless, Rohit Sharma-esque sixes, clearing the boundaries with ease and accelerating like crazy, after having a very subdued and mellow start.

It looked like Rohit was setting himself up for the first ever T20 double hundred, but Chameera got him out in the 13th over, when Rohit was trying an upper cut over short third man.

But what Rohit did after getting out was something that every MS Dhoni fan saw and rejoiced. Rohit signalled to the dressing that he wanted MS Dhoni to come in at number 3, as he felt that it would be the ideal situation for Dhoni to come in and unleash himself.

Rohit squatted on the field and the imitated a wicketkeeper’s position in order to signal to the dressing room that he wanted Dhoni to come in next, instead of the already padded up Shreyas Iyer.

Check out the video: Courstsy BCCI _

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